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The season for giving back

This year The Content Agency ‘adopted’ an Auckland family of five for Christmas through the Salvation Army. Read more

Is it all about the money? The difference between Facebook organic and paid reach

Drawing attention to your company’s Facebook content can be a tricky art. Especially if you have limited time and budget. Understanding Facebook organic and paid reach is crucial when it comes to getting your content noticed. Read more

Where can you execute content marketing? Different platforms for different audiences.

When you develop your content marketing plan, it is important to know which of the different platforms available are suited to which audiences and types of content. Read more

Why is a call to action so important?

If you are going to spend the time and money working on a lovely content marketing campaign, you must include a call to action - to make sure it is also an effective content marketing campaign. Read more

6 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service on Social Media

As social media is used more for business, it becomes increasingly important for customer service. Consumers expect your business to be able to serve them on the platforms of their choice, and you need to be able to assist them. Read more

How do Facebook Ads and Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads both generate clicks through to websites, but they do so in very different ways. Understanding the difference is key to knowing how to use them. Read more

How can you fit content marketing into your budget?

Knowing how much of your marketing budget should be directed towards content marketing can be a conundrum. Read more

Make sure your brand is consistent across channels – online and offline

Consistency and integration across your marketing is important, giving customers a consistent experience of your brand – no matter where they are accessing it. Read more

How is a content marketing plan different from a standard marketing plan?

Understanding how a content marketing plan differs from a standard marketing plan is important to ensure you develop and deliver an effective plan. Read more

Ignite Architects committed to quality design

Ignite wanted to transform its website into a showcase of its people and projects, with the aim of demonstrating its capability to potential clients and attracting the best talent, so they asked us to help out. Read more
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