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5 simple steps for blogging success

5 simple steps for blogging success

One of the most common issues with blogging is knowing just where to start. There’s nothing worse than staring at an empty screen and blinking cursor. If you’re stuck for inspiration, smash through that writer’s block with these simple steps.

Our 5 steps for blogging success

  1. Identify your key themes: Decide on three to four key themes on your chosen topic. This gives you a great outline of what your blog content should cover. These themes could also become sub-headings for sectioning up your blog.

  2. SEO Keywords: Using the right SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords will help ensure your blogs get found in the all-important Google search. Remember, it’s about quality and not quantity. We demystify using keywords here.

  3. Great image: Your blog needs a good quality image to illustrate it. Don’t have photo on-hand? Find one with ease (and at a reasonable price) using professional stock image sites such as iStock or Shutterstock.

  4. Call to action: Always conclude your blog with a powerful call to action (CTA). It could be for the reader to contact you or visit another key page on your website. We explain how to choose the ideal CTA here.

  5. Catchy headline: Now you’ve identified your key themes, decided on your keywords and chosen your image, it’s time to complete your content. The final step is developing a succinct, click-worthy headline. What will entice people to read your blog?

Breaking the blogging process into steps makes it a bit like completing a puzzle – just plug things in bit by bit. If you’re still facing that dreaded blank screen, a strong coffee can also work miracles. Or, save yourself the headache by bringing in the content marketing experts.

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