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Where can you execute content marketing? Different platforms for different audiences.

Where can you execute content marketing? Different platforms for different audiences.

When you develop your content marketing plan, it is important to know who your target audiences are, and then where to communicate with them.

One of the advantages of content marketing is the different platforms available. Each is suited to different audiences and different types of content.

Let’s break it down.

  • Website

If we look at content marketing as telling your story, your website is a crucial place to start.

Our client Ignite has an in-depth, SEO rich Practice page, and are constantly updating their website with new case studies and staff bios.

Some of our other clients prefer to tell their story with weekly or monthly blogs, and this means they can delve into a variety of topics targeted to different audiences.

The opportunities for content on your website are widely varied, from blog posts to infographics, videos to slideshows, galleries to podcasts and more.


  • Facebook

Facebook is a useful tool in your content marketing arsenal and with 1.7 billion active users each month, you can communicate with your customers in a more informal setting

You can use your Facebook content to drive traffic back to your website, inform your followers and build a relationship with potential and current customers.

Facebook Ads, and ‘boosted’ posts, can have an impact on how your Facebook page performs, and therefore the audience available to drive back to your website. Used well, it can be a great addition to your content marketing plan.


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for business to business communication. It is a great place for sharing business ideas and building a reputation as a specialist source of knowledge. Lots of professionals want to be a part of the conversations happening on LinkedIn. So if this is your audience, it is important that you have a presence there too.


  • Print

Despite what you may think, print is not dead. From advertorials to articles, to brochures to developing your own magazine, there are many ways to use print to connect with your audiences. We’ve written before about integrating online and offline content, and it is definitely worth considering print as part of your marketing mix.


  • Instagram

Instagram is a unique blend of stunning visuals, storytelling hashtags and content curation opportunities which help your customers better understand your brand, product, or service. As with all your marketing activity you need a plan, and it is worth the investment to get it right. Thought needs to be put into planning your photos, engaging with followers and having the right hashtag strategy.


  • Email

Email is still a great way to communicate with your customer base, because done well, it works. According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. And while social media algorithms make it difficult to know how many of your followers get to see your posts, emails are correctly delivered 90% of the time.



Once you have your chosen platforms established, make sure you don’t neglect them. Committing to a content marketing plan is well worth the effort, particularly when it comes to your website. If you want to improve your search ranking, it is important to remember that Google and other search engines value new and regular content updates.

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