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Why is a call to action so important?

Why is a call to action so important?

Buy now, sign up, call us, download – grammatically they are imperatives, but in marketing they are a call to action (CTA).

If you are going to spend the time and money working on a lovely content marketing campaign, you must include a call to action - to make sure it is also an effective content marketing campaign.


What exactly is a call to action?

A call to action is an instruction we give, to get someone to do something.

Chances are you already use a call to action in some of your content marketing, such as a “click here” button on your website.  

We do it all the time when interacting with people; with our friends, “Give me a call about that dinner date!” and our families “Don’t forget Mum’s birthday, only five days left to get her present.” And of course our colleagues, clients, suppliers and customers, “Have a look over the quote and give me a call to discuss.”

While it can seem quite natural in a one on one interaction, in content marketing, especially social media post or blogs, it can be forgotten, which may mean people read your newsletter, webpage or blog post, enjoy the information and then move on without taking any action that benefits you.


How to use a call to action:

  • You have provided your clients, customers and prospects with an entertaining read, a wealth of information and now you need to tell them what to do about it – should they sign up for more of the same? Buy your product or service? Visit your store?
  • Make sure your call to action matches the content and flows easily, it should be compelling to the reader but not confronting.
  • Track the effectiveness of the campaign. See if making small changes in the call to action makes a difference to the actions people take. Are your prospects more likely to click on a button at the end of a blog post or webpage, or do they respond more to a link in the text?
  • You can have multiple calls to action throughout a piece of content marketing (if you want to know more about how to fit content marketing into your budget read our blog here) – see what I did there?
  • Make sure you give people a reason to follow the call to action. Is this offer for a limited time and they need to act now? Are their Facebook friends doing it? Will downloading your e-book give them an edge? Will your video make them laugh or think? Could they win something?


If you want help developing compelling calls to action, or tracking your marketing efforts to know if your call to action is working, get in touch with The Content Agency today. 

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