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Why should you bother with blogging?

Why should you bother with blogging?

Companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website, which is a compelling reason to get writing. It’s an easy, and very cost-efficient, way to get your company noticed online.

Setting up a blog on your website is reasonably simple. However maintaining momentum can be a challenge, so before you get started, it’s essential to think about how you can sustain it in the long-term – and reap the benefits.

Our top 5 tips for blogging success

  1. Identify your stories: Developing a content plan isn’t as scary as it sounds. You can start by simply thinking about the questions your company commonly gets asked. Or, you may have some expert tips to share.

  2. Keep it simple: Make your blogs short and succinct. Cut your content into bite-size chunks through catchy sub-headings, short paragraphs and bullet points.

  3. Drive a response: Always finish your blog with a compelling call-to-action.

  4. Get your content noticed: Blogs are ideal to use on your social media platforms, especially Facebook. It could be well worth considering a small budget to boost your reach. (We explain why here.)

  5. Make a realistic commitment: Blogging is a bit like gardening. It needs a little time and attention regularly, otherwise it is easy to neglect (and you’ll become lost in the wilderness). Identify how frequently you can develop a new blog and commit to it.

Businesses with a blog receive 55 percent more website visitors, which means blogging is a content tool that’s well worth the investment. If you’d like some more expert content marketing advice, give us a call.

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