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Facebook bringing new Audio Tools to their platform

Audio is becoming all the rage on social media platforms and now Facebook is set to arrive to the audio party and they have recently announced a new range of audio-only tools as they set out to get in on this new social media trend. Read more

Changing the World through Social Media: How platforms are empowering climate warriors

In a world working around lockdowns, a new generation intent on bringing action around climate change are finding empowerment through the use of social media to do it. Read more

iOS14 – What You Need to Know

A brand new update from Apple has changed the landscape for Facebook Advertisers and they need to be aware of the changes that are occurring. Read more

Two-Factor Authentication: Why It Matters

If you’re a dedicated Facebook user, you’ll likely be aware that the platform is now placing more importance on its Two-Factor Authentication process. Read more

What’s that on your email signature?

If you’re on the receiving end of our emails, you may have noticed a new addition to our TCA digital signatures. Read more

5 ways to change your social media habits for the better

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week here in New Zealand. As an agency that has a fair bit to do with social media, we are constantly thinking about the impact that the content we create and deliver will have on those that see it. Read more

Coronavirus Pandemic: A unique opportunity for social media influencers

In this current pandemic that we are currently all living through, social media influencers have a very interesting role to play by the actions that they take, and the messages that they get out on their platforms. Read more

The danger of fake news on social media

Following the re-emergence of Covid-19 within the community in Auckland, there have been a number of nasty fake news stories doing the rounds on social media. One in particular was both incredibly malicious and targeted towards a single family. Read more

How mindset impacts your social media marketing

How would you describe your mindset around social media marketing? Read more

Thinking of using social media influencers? Read this first

A couple of months back we wrote about some of the changes occurring in the realm of ‘social media influencers’. Well, since then, the drama has kept coming! Read more
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