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Saying Goodbye To Instagram Likes – A New Opportunity For Brands

If you’re an avid Instagram user you’ve likely noticed that the popular online social media platform removed its feature to show how many likes a post received publically. Read more

4 tips for creating an AI tool to talk to your customers

Conversational AI offers the ability to provide automated but meaningful and immediate interaction with customers. But what makes one chatbot, voicebot or digital human successful and another fail? Read more

How searchable are your product images?

As humans, 90% of the information we take in is visual – and what we see, we process in 13 milliseconds! So it makes sense that the next step in search trends is to be able to find... Read more

The secret to social? Make it people-centric

Why is being people-centric crucial to success on social? It's a question we addressed recently when we updated social media course materials for the Marketing Association. Read more

Could AI improve your customers’ experience?

The future has arrived and it’s talking to your customers! AI solutions like chatbots are offering businesses new, automated ways to communicate with customers online. Read more

Transparency, using #gifted and great social Stuff!

What’s #gifted all about? Recently, The Content Agency spoke to Stuff about brands, influencers and consumers and how influencers are demonstrating transparency on social. Read more

Is it copywriting or content marketing?

You’d like to grow your business’ influence online, so it’s time to get some content marketing advice. That means you’re looking for copywriting help doesn’t it? Well yes and no... Read more

How content marketing helps an innovative printing company Soar

For Soar Print, using a content marketing agency that has a deep understanding of their business and works closely with their wider marketing team has been key to getting great results. Read more

Why crafting the perfect social media post is more than a 2 minute job

Creating a quality social presence that is an asset for your brand is not a two minute job and should not be treated as such. Read more

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an important part of the social media marketing landscape, however not everyone really understands what the (Insta) story is or how to do it effectively – and authentically. Read more
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