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Is your website content attracting the RIGHT clients?

Building your brand online has pay-offs beyond the number of hits to your website. As a business owner you want those hits to translate into enquiries from the right clients – the ones that ‘get’ what you are about and will translate into both a meaningful and profitable relationship. Read more

Want a greater ROI from your content marketing? Here’s how to do it

Getting the most out of your content means understanding how it can be used in different ways. Colourplus is a great example of how one piece of content can be used across multiple channels. Read more

What the GDPR?!

It has been big news in your inbox lately, so what is the GDPR, what does it mean for you as a consumer and as a business owner? Read more

Instagram – are you missing out?

Instagram is a significant social media platform with 800 million users – and more joining by the day. If you’re wanting to grow your company’s influence online, Instagram could be one very useful content marketing tool. Read more

Client Q&A – Does content marketing pay off?

Campbell Hastie is pretty savvy when it comes to promoting his mortgage broking business, the Go2Guys. We sat down with Campbell and asked his advice on how SMEs can grow their influence online. Read more

5 simple steps for blogging success

There’s nothing worse than staring at an empty screen and blinking cursor. If you’re stuck for inspiration for your blog, smash through that writer’s block with these simple steps. Read more

Why should you bother with blogging?

Blogging is an easy, cost effective way to get your brand noticed online. Check out our blog on why you should have one, and how to make it happen. Read more

The season for giving back

This year The Content Agency ‘adopted’ an Auckland family of five for Christmas through the Salvation Army. Read more

Is it all about the money? The difference between Facebook organic and paid reach

Drawing attention to your company’s Facebook content can be a tricky art. Especially if you have limited time and budget. Understanding Facebook organic and paid reach is crucial when it comes to getting your content noticed. Read more

Where can you execute content marketing? Different platforms for different audiences.

When you develop your content marketing plan, it is important to know which of the different platforms available are suited to which audiences and types of content. Read more
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