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Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Toolbox

Video is an effective marketing tool that you need to consider using as part of your marketing plan. Read more

3 Steps To Get Your Website To Work For You

Most businesses have a website– it is a key part of doing business and for many is the first step in their marketing plan. Read more

How To Effectively Use Keywords In Your Blog – Quality Over Quantity

A key component of content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) is the use of keywords. Knowing how to use keywords effectively to drive your listing up the search engine results page is important - however there are a few more subtle aspects of keyword use to keep in mind. Read more

How To Catch A Goldfish – Grabbing The Attention Of Your Website Visitors

Research has shown that attention spans are decreasing, and the average attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish! Interesting news, especially in relation to your online marketing, website and the need to grab attention and keep visitors once they have arrived. Read more

How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

So you have decided to set up a blog and are now wondering what you should be doing with it. Or perhaps you took that step a while ago and had a flurry of posts but now your blog is languishing, unloved, on your site - with the last post three months old (yep, I’ve been there too). Read more

Build It And They Will Come? How To Attract Traffic To Your Website

In our last blog post we talked about why your website will never be finished. Read more

5 Reasons Your Website Is Never Finished

We love working with clients on their websites - it is how we meet some of my clients for the first time. A lot of work goes into it, both from the design side and the content side, and it is so rewarding when a site goes live. At which stage many people are inclined to wipe their brow and say “Well, that’s done!” and move on. Read more

Don’t Get Stuck On Social Media – It’s Actually About The Message

Social media is an exciting and powerful addition to the marketing mix. It is still new, shiny and constantly changing and evolving… all of which means it can seem a little mysterious and complex – not to mention a must have ‘magic bullet’ for any marketing plan. Read more

Why You Should Treat Your Email Database Like Gold

We are lucky to have a great group of clients. We love to work with people who have good ethics and this extends to the way they treat their email databases. They are considerate about what they send, when to send and they analyse feedback to improve their email communications. Read more

Is Organic Really Better? When It Comes To Search Results - Absolutely!

While touching base with clients during the first week back at work I was delighted to find one had just landed her dream client – what a way to start the New Year! I was absolutely thrilled for her and asked how the new client had found her – turns out it was through a Google search. Read more
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