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Facebook bringing new Audio Tools to their platform

Facebook bringing new Audio Tools to their platform

Audio is becoming all the rage on social media platforms thanks to the influence of the growing popularity of invite-only audio platform Clubhouse. Mainstream platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter have taken notice and are in the process of launching their own tools to accommodate audio usage on their platforms.

Now Facebook is set to arrive to the audio party and they have recently announced a new range of audio-only tools as they set out to get in on this new social media trend.

Facebook’s primary focus on audio is through the launch of a new audio-only version of its Rooms feature in Facebook and Messenger. This will enable users to start up audio rooms that their connections can join which will be highlighted at the top of News Feeds and chats within the apps.

This new audio-only Rooms feature will have the hosts highlighted at the top of the screen, with listeners tuning into the show below. Users will be able to make their rooms either public or private, and these Rooms will also be discoverable in a separate Rooms tab.

Monetization and subscription services will be made available to creators. And for those who wish to host live conversations, there will then be the option to turn these conversations into a podcast that anyone would be able to then listen to.

Facebook is set to test these new audio-Rooms in their Groups feature before it is rolled out across the platform. But given that over 1.8 billion people use the Groups feature in Facebook every month, it could be a very valuable function going forward.

Audio is the next big frontier on social media and it is a format that promises to be very interesting for businesses and brands who are willing to experiment in their social media usage and who are looking for new avenues to try different things with their content.

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Source: Social Media Today

Image: Photo by Sam Rios on Unsplash

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