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How mindset impacts your social media marketing

How mindset impacts your social media marketing

How would you describe your mindset around social media marketing?

  1. I’m don’t understand it, so I tend to avoid it!
  2. What a load of nonsense – how can you possibly prove ROI on influencer posts?
  3. It’s just part of the marketing mix these days.

No prizes for guessing that our answer is C! But we’re constantly amazed at how many businesses we walk into where social media is either ‘too scary’ and therefore not attempted, or seen as a ‘cheap and cheerful’ way to market without proper resource or investment.

We think it’s a fairly safe bet to say that social media platforms are here to stay – and that means, social media as a marketing channel is too. And, with constant development on all of the major platforms, social channels are becoming more powerful by the day.

Right now, our clients are using social media marketing to:

  • Build brand awareness with niche customer groups
  • Reinforce positive brand perceptions among target customers (for acquisition) and existing customers (for retention)
  • Build databases of relevant prospects
  • Drive customers into retail stores
  • Promote offers and specials
  • And more…!

We’re working closely with each on of these clients to ensure that, whatever their success criteria are, our social strategy and its delivery is built (and constantly optimised) to deliver positive results.

Of course, every client’s business and objectives are different – and that means that every client’s social strategy and KPIs are too. There’s no single ‘cookie cutter’ approach that works for everyone but, having spent nearly a decade managing social media for our clients, we have significant experience in what works for different sectors, target audiences and KPIs.

If social media isn’t a part of your regular marketing mix, perhaps it’s time to consider whether it’s worth incorporating into your strategy. If you need a hand, we’re experts at integrating social media marketing with your existing marketing efforts in a way that’s achievable and measurable.

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Image: Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

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