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iOS14 – What You Need to Know

iOS14 – What You Need to Know

In the fast-moving digital present that we all live and work in, there is one commonality that we all share. We are all connected online, all the time, thanks to our mobile phones. In fact, right now you are probably reading this very article on some kind of mobile device. What’s more, 98% of Facebook users are on mobile, and 40% of Facebook users who access the platform through their mobile phones do so via an Apple device.

And Apple’s iOS14 update has brought around some big changes to Facebook that both users and advertisers are beginning to immediately feel.

One of the biggest changes due to Apple’s iOS14 update is that it places more emphasis on a user’s privacy and prohibits data sharing, especially concerning Facebook. And this is a big issue that Facebook advertisers now need to contend with.

The new update prohibits data from Apple users being shared with Facebook on links that they click on in the platform, and which take them off it to a third-party website. So now if a Facebook user sees an ad on Facebook, clicks on it, and is then taken off the platform, their behaviour on the website, such as which pages they look at, how long they spend on the website, and what activities they take will not be recorded by Facebook. And this is causing stress for advertisers. Added to this is that Apple devices account for 40% of Facebook users interactions, and this could leave advertisers in the dark as to how their customers are using their product and how they are engaging with the business they are interacting with.

However, there is an upside for advertisers and that can be seen through the use of the Traffic Conversion options that audiences can use when they access Facebook’s Ads Manager. Because Traffic is measured by link clicks, and this allows for better recording of data, advertisers who decide to measure their interactions this way will be able to see how effective an ad is by how many people click through on it.

Facebook has also suggested that another way to make the new iOS14 change work in your favour is to use unique Lookalike Audiences, rather than just generic website visitors in tracking, as this will allow for a more focused audience who will receive your ad.

While the effects of the iOS14 update are still to be seen, and many Facebook advertisers are still coming to terms with what it will mean, this new update has shaken up the Facebook landscape and advertisers should look at it as a new way to innovate and to try different approaches with their advertising.

If you are looking for a way to make sense of the new iOS14 update and just what it means for your Facebook activity then get in touch with our expert team at The Content Agency today who can help you with all your social media marketing needs.

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